Monday 4th June, 2012

After being wiped out on Saturday by the same thing that brought down both my wife and daughter I’d recovered enough to go out on Bob again. Me being me I was naturally overly ambitious and I decided to cycle all the way up Quinta Drive…assuming I could find it this time! So I set off in search.

As before, finding Mays Lane was easy enough.  And I didn’t go up Chesterfield Road this time.  You won’t find me making the same mistake twice!  I went straight past it and took the next right…which turned out to be Dexter Road. I should have taken the second right, not first. Still, a quick left into Stanhope Road and following it to the end led me to Quinta Drive in the end. Now all I had to do was turn right and cycle to the top.

That was the theory anyway. As usual there was the gap between my fantasy and reality. I’d just spent much of the time since Saturday flattened by a mystery illness so it’s perhaps not totally surprising that I rapidly started flagging.  Part of the way up sense got the better of me (well, there’s a first time for everything) so I turned around and enjoyed the descent – one of the real pleasures on a bike like Bob.  However strenuous cycling uphill may be at times the compensation definitely lies in the downhill run – reclining in a comfortable seat whe the world passes by…at a rather exhilarating rate.

As I clearly wasn’t up to very much I decided to make my way back home – from Mays Lane, I turned right into Barnet Lane  passing Underhill Stadium, home of Barnet FC; left into the playing fields and along the cycle path to Grasvenor Avenue; a right turn and soon another glide downhill to Brook Farm Open Space, along the cycle path there, up past the sports pavillion onto the High Road and home again.

In the end it was just 6.47 miles over 36 minutes, but good to be back out on the bike, espe jammy after the slightly demoralizing ride home on Saturday.

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