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The Return of Dave and Bob – Thursday 14th June, 2012

This was the big one that I’d be somewhat dreading more than the journey to work – the journey back. Barnet is one of the higher points in London so there’s a lot more uphill on the way back than … Continue reading

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Our first commuting run from Barnet to Soho – Wednesday 13th, 2012

At last, the day arrived where I felt I’d got sufficient practice, competence and confidence on Bob to do my first commute in. Inevitably there was the little voice in the back of my head suggesting I give it a … Continue reading

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The Greenacre Bicycle Rally 2012 – Sunday 10th June 2012

A few days ago I received an email from Barnet Cyclists about the 5th Greenacre Bicycle Rally. Given that the starting point was literally only two miles down the road by the Arts Depot in North Finchley it was the … Continue reading

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Tuesday 5th June 2012 – a long ride in the countryside.

A much longer ride today – 19.28 miles in all – and my single longest ride on Bob to-date. Today I didn’t mind pushing myself somewhat, starting with Quinta Drive which I found first time today – proof that the … Continue reading

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Monday 4th June, 2012

After being wiped out on Saturday by the same thing that brought down both my wife and daughter I’d recovered enough to go out on Bob again. Me being me I was naturally overly ambitious and I decided to cycle … Continue reading

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Saturday 2nd June – trying the commuting run

The plan for today had been to head out to Knebworth on the train and follow a route which would take me around Stevenage. Luckily I didn’t try this, for reasons which will become apparent. What happened instead is that … Continue reading

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