Sunday 27th May, 2012

A somewhat shorter ride than yesterday – a mere 7 miles today, but I did want to do more uphill, and in particular try going up Quinta Drive.  At least that was the plan.  This time I went up to the traffic lights where I could turn left into Mays Lane – no taking other routes to avoid the junction today – and pedalled off in search of Quinta Drive.  Did I find it this time….well not to go up it I didn’t. Instead I decided that I must have gone far enough along Mays Lane by now and took the next right which turned out to be Chesterfield Road.  Not being in a hurry to consult the map I decided to go off on my exploring on the basis that it was going in roughly the right direction – as indeed it did.  However as I got towards the top of the road and found myself coming up behind Barnet General Hospital, it got steeper…and steeper.  In the end I decided to get off Bob and just push the rest of the way.  Only once I got the top and found myself on Barnet Road near Galley Lane did I finally check the map.  Just one more road further along Mays Lane would have seen me on Quinta Drive.  The good thing now is that all I had to do was turn left along Barnet Road and then first left should be Quinta Drive…. It was – and having done the work getting to the top of the hill, Quinta Drive turned out to be a pretty straight glide all the way back down to the bottom again and back onto Mays Lane.

I started pedalling back towards the High Road when a blue bike sign pointing off to the right caught my eye.  I followed it and found myself on open parkland which took me through to Barnet Lane opposite the King George playing fields which led up to Grasvenor Avenue, Brook Farm Open Space and home again.  Another 7 miles which takes my total on Bob up to 50 miles since last Saturday, and 60 miles in total.

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