Thursday 24th May, 2012

A tad longer tonight – 5.17 miles.  Getting up the incline to the High Road just isn’t an issue any more, and the tension on the seat fixings seems to be right as it didn’t slide anywhere at all, even with some quite firm pressure on at times. 

Other changes I’ve noticed – there’s not so much of a tendency to pull on the handlebars .  I think it really is a case of just getting used to a different way of getting the same result, ie, better acceleration.  Pushing back into the seat still feels a bit strange, but a lot less so than it did.

Also tonight, my first time at the traffic lights on the High Road with vehicles behind me and I didn’t worry about my ability to start well. Just noted that the cars and bus were there, made sure I was in the right gear and got going when the lights changed.  It was still on my mind a little, but not so that it bothered me or caused me to tense up and get the result I didn’t want! 

I don’t think I ride quite so steadily or straight as on my upright, but it’s more a case of varying an inch or two as opposed to weaving all over the road because I’m out of control.  Sitting back in the seat is a very relaxed posture, but it also means there isn’t the room to adjust balance by shifting body weight in the way that I can on the upright.  Rather than being a problem, I suspect it’s just another aspect of the difference in style, something I just need to get used to and which will probably vanish as an issue the more practice I get riding.

The way I went this evening makes me wonder if it would be worth trying to get up the hill to Barnet Church this weekend – maybe on Sunday.  This is my next big target as, once I can manage it, the way is open for some really pleasurable rides into the Hertfordshire countryside.


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