Sunday 20th May 2012 – Ride two

Yesterday’s ride gave me an idea of quite how much work I have to do before Bob really can be my main commuting bike.  It’s the combination of riding technique (eg, being able to stop and start again safely on hills) along with the building up of the right muscles, not to mention keeping a damn close eye on the setup of the bike.  Stretching too far when peddling… not good!  And I’m sure that’s at least part of why I felt somewhat stiff in my legs for much of Saturday after my ride.  In fact I was still feeling a little tired when I got up this morning.  The trouble is that I’m all too aware of how difficult it will be for me to go for any decent rides on Bob during the week. Not getting back until at least 7.00 pm on weekdays certainly doesn’t help.

I was really daring today – turning right off the High Road.  OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that daring as there was pretty much nothing in sight at the time, but it was a first nonetheless! A couple of quiet streets before rejoining the High Road, this time heading south.  Left into Friern Barnet Lane, downhill towards Netherlands Road and then the long climb up Northmberland Road. I’m not riding in quite as straight a line as on my upright, but I’m not exactly veering all over the place either.  Is is my imagination or are the cars passing me on the High Road giving me a wider berth than usual?

Back along the High Road past the Odeon, around Grasvenor Avenue and Sherrards Way again before going back onto the cycle path where I’m only chased by one dog – is it something about recumbents?  Two dogs in two days!

I’m still very much focusing on uphill work.  Distance and speed – not the same distance as yeterday, but distincly faster.  But I do feel a little more used to Bob even after only 24 hours.  Today’s speed wasn’t that far off my normal commuting pace, and that’s with a lot of muscle to build up.  After my initial despair yesterday it’s nice to see that there’s plenty of room for hope.

Reflections – again, pretty tired.  I didn’t push it too much, although I really wanted to just keep peddling.  Focusing on uphill work is no doubt giving my muscles plenty of reason to complain – something which I hope will have eased off by the time I next get the chance to go for a ride.  At the moment I’d guess that’s not likely to be before Tuesday evening.

The seat slipped a little again.  No so much as before but it still needed resetting. A little tightening again.

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